Reclaiming what’s rightfully ours--strength, confidence, beauty, true empowerment, and the right to live happily. Providing people with disabilities the opportunity to connect on platforms online and in sports and use their voices or minds to share personal narratives. One does not need to identify as disabled or as a girl; we invite members of all communities to join us to speak out for the silenced and ostracized.

Native to the Philippines and an immigrant to California, Marybeth has since embraced her identity as a queer, disabled womxn of color, a sexual assault survivor, first-generation college graduate, powerlifter, and an avid member of the limb-difference community. 27 years old, Marybeth left the wine industry to pursue arts and entertainment at Cal Performances, where she currently manages performance venues across the UC Berkeley campus and strives to provide better access to people with disabilities.

Marybeth has been competing in powerlifting events for 5 years, having placed 1st in her weight class at USPA Nationals 2015, USAPL CA State Championships 2017, as well as several other local meets, and hopes to break current barriers that athletes with disabilities face in national sports federations.


She is a strong advocate of teaching self-love, strength, courage, and empowerment to young bodies, including her Papillon-CKC Spaniel pup, Maple.

Marybeth Baluyot, Founder

Chloe Lansing was born in 1991 in Dubuque, Iowa. She was born with macrodactyly affecting her right arm and hand which required her right index and middle digits to be amputated. Shriners Hospital in Chicago, IL performed surgeries to improve function and dexterity from infancy to teenage years.


Throughout elementary school and college, Chloe was an avid equestrian. Chloe now channels her love for horses into her business as an equine bodyworker, specializing in hands-on restorative therapies for horses.


In 2013, Chloe began training as a powerlifter and has been eating her way through weight classes since. Chloe is currently ranked in the top-10 all-time in the 148lb class. When she isn’t in a barn or under a barbell, she is doting on her English Bulldogs or looking for her next international adventure.

Chloe Lansing, Partner

Marcia Darbouze is a Haitian-American, physical therapist, Black creative, spoonie, and powerlifting strongwoman battling autoimmune disease and chasing gains. Marcia was always an athletic person, from soccer in high school to flag football sports in college but didn’t begin her lifting journey until she picked up a barbell in 2010. After her first competition in 2011, Marcia competed 3-4 times a year at local and national level meets. By 2016, Marcia found herself with a body that no longer listened or performed as expected. After two years of less than stellar and more than strange performances at Raw Nationals, Marcia shifted her focus to an equally demanding but more flexible sport of Strongman. In her first year of competing, Marcia qualified for 2019 nationals in two different federations. 2019 continues to be a year full of pursuits of strength and a search for a diagnosis. Nursing an undiagnosed condition takes a great amount of soul searching and mental fortitude to stay focused and adapt accordingly in a world built for the able-bodied.

Careerwise, Marcia became a Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2014. Today, She is the owner of RZPT, the first womxn owned physical therapy clinic in South Florida. Marcia splits her time between her clinic RZPT in South Florida and her many passion projects including Quad Squad Shop & DGWL.

There are always enough spoons left for Marcia to both run a business and try to change the world, because everything is intertwined. You can’t separate the physical therapist from the black woman, or the disabled sick girl from the competitive strongwoman. If one part can’t thrive, all parts will fail. 

Marcia Darbouze, Partner

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