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14 Disability Podcasts to Check Out!

Looking for ways to tap into disability media? Trying to find voices you can relate to and/or stories you can learn from? Say less fam.

Real quick, before we get into details here's the list and all the links!

  1. Disability After Dark

  2. The Accessible Stall

  3. Disarming Disability

  4. Sex, Drugs & Disability

  5. Invisible but Not Broken

  6. The Disabled Truth Podcast

  7. Chronically Badass

  8. Chronicles Podcast

  9. In Visibility Today

  10. Power Not Pity

  11. This Is Not What I Ordered: The Podcast

  12. The Triple Cripples

  13. The Maccessibility Roundtable Podcast

  14. BBC Ouch

And now, some background on each.

Disability After Dark is a podcast that shines a bright light on issues about sex and disability with host, Andrew Gurza. Andrew Gurza is a Disability Awareness Consultant and Cripple Content Creator. Andrew shares his lived experiences of disability, queerness, sexuality and body image in a raw, vulnerable and unapologetic fashion.

The Accessible Stall is a disability podcast hosted by Kyle Khachadurian and Emily Ladau that keeps it real about issues within the disability community. They challenge the “expected” of the disability community whenever possible, and some of their best episodes are the ones in which they must confront their own biases.

Disarming Disability is hosted by Nicole & Sarah. Nicole and Sarah have grown a relationship based on mutual life understanding of constantly being in awkward situations because of their limb differences, a love for intelligent conversation, and an unending need to travel.

Sex, Drugs & Disability covers taboo topics that we often deal with or are curious about but rarely discuss. Through humor, storytelling and interviews with friends, Julie tries to make sense of the world as a newly disabled woman who may not have long to live.

Invisible but Not Broken features roundtable chats with Monica & Eva. The site also features their other podcast projects Explicitly Sick, Human Care Cast, and Discomfort Zone.

The Disabled Truth Podcast seeks to inspire and motivate those with SCI to live life with a positive mindset while overcoming the physical challenges of daily life.

Chronically Badass is a grassroots movement dedicated to connecting, supporting, and inspiring invisible illness warriors in their athletic and fitness pursuits.

Chronicles Podcast is a podcast about disability politics, health, and life from the perspective of two chronically ill Colombian femmes.

In Visibility Today is a monthly podcast featuring disability current affairs & interviews. Sharing who & what's Visible in disability!

Power Not Pity centers and celebrates the lived experiences of disabled people of color. Let's dismantle ableism by listening to each other's stories.

This Is Not What I Ordered Join San Francisco psychotherapist and podcast host Lauren Selfridge for honest, humorous, and inspiring conversations with people who get what it's like to live with health challenges.

The Triple Cripples increases visibility and highlighting the narratives of black and non-black women, femmes and non-binary people of colour, living with disabilities.

The Maccessibility Roundtable is devoted to connecting and providing easy access to the best resources for blind, visually impaired, and other disability groups using Apple products. It is maintained by a dedicated group of visually impaired volunteers.

BBC Ouch is the place where the real disability talk happens. Interviews, life hacks and things you don't say out loud. With Simon Minty, Kate Monaghan and the Ouch team.


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