Marcia Darbouze

"Having a great day? Still sick."

I’m lifting weights, but I’m still sick. Even when I’m happy, I’m still stick. Having a great day? Still sick. Whether or not you see it, I feel it. Always. And I know I’m not the only one who teeters between validating their invisible illness and steering away from the stigma of disability.

"I am disabled, I am a spoonie, but I'm still a badass."

Sure, I’m a competitive strongwoman and I lift heavy things. But before this illness started, I was lifting even heavier things. I didn’t have trouble tying my shoes with cramping hands. I had no trouble wearing socks because of neuropathic pain. I never had to plan my life around naps, sleeping, resting, and avoiding extreme temperatures. I am disabled, I am a spoonie, but I’m still a badass. And I know I’m not alone. I’m not alone in being a both a chronic illness fighter and lifter. Disabled Girls Who Lift is for all girls with illnesses, chronic diseases, limb loss, and more. DGWL is for me, and every other black girl who wonders if she can do more than just be sick and alone. Because she can.

You can find Marcia on Instagram at @thatdoc.marcia.


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