Injury, Aches and Pains?

Us disabled girls are full of aches, pains, and imbalances, and it’s super important that we learn how to listen to our bodies and what to do with them to keep lifting for the long haul.

On our latest episode we talk about past injuries, laugh at a few mistakes we’ve made along the way, and share tips on how to choose the right PT to meet your goals.

Here are the top major key alerts from that episode!

1. There are three types of injuries. One, the overuse injuries that are everyday aches and pains from our imbalances that we ignore. Two, the injuries you couldn’t have done anything to prevent or avoid (ie freak accidents). And three, the “you knew better” injuries. Just chill out, slow down, and pay attention to prevent those “you know better” injuries.

2. It can be hard to “listen to your body”, when your body doesn’t even know what it’s doing. Sometimes our bodies are not regulated, can't send us the right signals, or send us different signals than what we're taught. It's half the work in any fitness plan to learn how you as a person connect to your body and how your body responds to movement.

3. If you need help learning your body or recovering from injury, HIRE A PHYSICAL THERAPIST. Check if they're licensed, creep their social media to make sure they aren't a dick, and don't be afraid to ask all the questions in the world. If after all that they still suck, it's ok to fire them. This applies to any and all people you pay for a service. If the service doesn't serve you, move on!


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