Mobility, Magic, and More on the latest episode!

Our disabled bodies deserve to move well and enjoy movement! We explore some mobility and magical tips on the latest podcast episode. Available on your favorite platform! Click below or search your podcast app for "Disabled Girls Who Lift".

And since we're feeling generous, here's a quick summary of a few magical tips. Listen to the full episode for more context and conversation!

  1. Mobility = how your joints moves, Stability = muscle strength, Flexibility = muscle length.

  2. Depending on how you do a 'stretch', it can target both flexibility and stability.

  3. Warm ups have a goldilocks zone, don't move around too much OR too little before the actual workout.

  4. You owe it to yourself and your body some space to transition before you workout, give yourself time to mentally prepare for movement and see how you feel before starting. This happen with the warm up or before it.

  5. All the magic isn’t just in the gym. Don't forget about posture, hydration, recovery between workouts, and getting good sleep!

  6. Top 5 things to address with mobility work: unilateral exercises, core stabilization (bracing), chest expansion, hip openers, & balance


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